Why Do Older Women Make Better Lovers Insight for Younger and Older Men Alike

What makes older women better lovers? No more fear of pregnancy? No more child-rearing responsibilities? Or just plain experience? This article explores these and other possibilities.
    Andy Rooney said, "Once you get past a wrinkle or two, an older woman is far sexier than her younger counterpart.  Her libido's stronger, her fear of pregnancy gone.  Her experience of lovemaking is honed and reciprocal and she's lived long enough to know how to please a man in ways her daughter could never dream of.  (Young men, you have something to look forward to.) "  And while Mr. Rooney may not be an accepted authority on sexuality--that of older women or otherwise--I would contend that he knows well of what he speaks.  

     As we are all aware, we live in a world-culture that consistently equates youth with beauty and sexuality   Most ad campaigns here and throughout the world (typified by the Texwood Jeans ad below) depict the ideal woman as having a young, "perfect" body--lacking wrinkles, an extra once of fat, or naturally occurring breasts or rear-end.  Over the past century, this youthful image has come to represent our cultural ideals concerning what we deem sexy and sexually arousing.  Thus as women of our society age, they are meant to feel less sexually attractive with less to offer in bed.   But does this youth-oriented equation reflect the reality of older woman--their bodies, their needs, or how effective they are as lovers?   Not by a long shot.  In fact, as any experienced man can tell you, older women do indeed make the best lovers.  But why?  What do they have that younger women lack?

     One long-standing misconception shamefully promoted by the medical and psychological professions (and instilled by the media) is that once a woman lives beyond child-baring years, she has no further need of sexual attention.  (A womb that no longer promotes reproduction, is no longer interested in intercourse.)   But is this premise true?  Not at all.  In fact, while some women do experience a decrease in libido following menopause (for a variety of reasons), many experience an increase in sex drive like at no time before in their lives.  According to a recent study reported on MedicineNet.com, many women cite the decreased anxiety of getting pregnant, along with fewer child-rearing responsibilities, as providing a sense of freedom and sexual abandon never available to them in younger years.  And while the desire to fornicate like proverbial "rabbits" may not come with this new-found freedom, the focus shifts from quantity to quality, with many women interested in pleasing their partners as never before.  Willing to dedicate more time to achieving satisfaction for both themselves as well as their partners.  (Something men of any age can appreciate.)

         And what can be said about experience that isn't apparent?   Men who underestimate the sexual experience a woman can accumulate throughout the course of her lifetime are in for a pleasant surprise should they find themselves lucky enough to be under the sheets with a woman with years behind her.  Older, more experienced women are familiar (and often skilled) with a variety of sexual techniques, practiced in a number of sexually-pleasing methods, and know when, where, and how to utilize various sexual positions.   And what can be most alluring about sex with an older women is that once their many attributes are appreciated, they are often more sexually adventurous, less inhibited, and more sexually creative than their younger counterparts.  Older women know how to make the best of a sexual encounter and live each encounter to the fullest--making them more considerate, thoughtful, and playful lovers!

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