Female Ejaculation: Real or Weird?

Female Ejaculation is perfectly normal during and up to orgasm

For centuries, scientists and doctors have quarrelled over the reality of "Female Ejaculation".  Maybe it's because the word "Ejaculation" is just so crass. It could be for a lot of reasons, but proof has been found to prove that females have a prostate, just as a male would--but it obviously doesn't serve the same purpose, and has never been the focus of much scrutiny until recently.

Once the female prostate was found, and they managed to get a few women comfortable enough to run a few tests, they found some information about the substance that comes "squirting" out when a women orgasms.

It's not just urinary incontinence, as many chose to believe, and it's not semen, like men ejaculate. Instead, it appears to be a urine "like" substance that is stored in the prostate glands located near the female clitoris.

Is it normal for a woman to ejaculate? YES! Of course it is! What isn't  normal is that most women don't talk about it at all, fearing that they might be considered "freaks" in some way, when in reality, it is completely normal, and actually means that you are much more able to enjoy your orgasm than many woman who can't even reach a "dry" orgasm.

It has been the topic of much debate, as to why women ejaculate, and there has not yet been a concrete answer. However, it is a widespread belief that the fluids that are excreted, are considered to be the same ones that keep a womens "special parts" lubricated--just in different volumes.

During many surveys, different women report different experiences when it related to ejaculation. Some find themselves only "squirting" a little bit, and that it is odorous and thick in texture. While others report what feels like large amounts coming out in forceful "squirts" during intercourse or masturbation, and being thin like water.

The notion that there is anything wrong with a woman who ejaculates, is essentially just a continuance of the time when woman were oppressed, and forced to believe that excreting any sort of liquid, sexual or not, was considered "unladylike".

It is perfectly normal, and definitely not a myth. Just remember, it is perfectly normal not  to ejaculate as well, so don't take either side to extremes. The only thing that is not normal, is if you notice blood or extreme pain, which has so far never been reported.

Just sit back and enjoy, and make sure to remind your partner that it is just your way of "showing your appreciation" for them taking the time to please you.


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